sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

sound of crickets

This time I will not download books and lyrics. I feel so humiliated, so hurt my pride.
Yesterday I gave the note of a test of ethics. Confident thing I expected, since, despite not having gone to school for being sick, I know a lot about the subject.
What happens when the teacher approached me?
He says, "You didn't study anything, were the worst note"
I just miss what I was getting her crown ... I can think of another example that may be mentioned.
Something bad happened.
These are the facts, I'm more calm now that I can think more clearly.
The test was just to mention a definition of ethics and discuss the cardinal virtues. Well, I made a mistake confusing the root is Greek, not Latin.
Taking that, what is a lie that interacts with the empirical sciences? Is not it relates to the ethics law? What tells me this guy?

Then he wiped me the name of Plato in the cardinal virtues, is that possible or am I dreaming?

More over, he told me that he ask the notebook to a girl who had had a better note. I swear my arm was shaking, but not for what he believed. I wanted to hit, but I've been so depressed, I have no courage to do so.
Touches my arm when I'm about to go and say that we study together, what kind of person believes that professor who I am?

There are many things that people can get my insecurity afloat, many, but my intelligence, my knowledge, ever.
So I will not stay silent. I have known humiliation of all kinds in my life, I suffered all my life bullyng school, even at the hands of teachers. I will not stay silent, waiting for who knows what ever you want me this time that subject, the man didn't even call.
It's too much to bear. And I tell you guys, he just crossed into the path of the wrong person

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