domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

My Secret Sin: Gluttony

The food, my blessed and beloved pleasure.

Everyone in my family, we're abusers of gluttony. One of the reasons for such behavior is that we have some Italian blood or perhaps we forget that what seems so natural, in other households is so necessary.

A few days ago talking to my best friend, about replacement of affection embodied in food.
I can not believe that my family we are all lacking in affection ¬
In a sense, it is true that obesity is a replace of love in people, in some case.

From my earliest childhood I eat too much. My little tendency to gain weight makes me exceed it the limits, especially when I exercise and I need to regain strength.

My favorite food is Carbonada and pickles, I do not know if the latter can be considered a meal.

I have a huge obsession, a bit compulsive, I Don't like to eat all mixed up. In the case of Carbonada, I do not care too much; but if it comes to lasagna or that sort of thing, I don't eat it.

Generally, in my aunt's house every day their spent much money per day in flesh. Tragicomic thing is that when I go to house them, I hear them say that they have nothing to eat.
Horrible, but true.

On the other hand, I can cook, but I like sweet things. Cakes, pancakes, waffles and apple pie are my favorites.
In holidays we gather to celebrate and there is always plenty of food, what saddens me, because, usually give to rest of food to the neighbors for their animals.

I would like that to change.
When you do not live poverty so close, it's frustrating to hear it that so many people just saves the day with one meal.

Can we think of the people despite being so comfortable in our lives? I do not know.
Nor do I believe that one should help only to expiate guilt. One must give care to people in an honest and not like a false action only because you wait that the gates of heaven are opened for you.

Give and take, that's why I live.

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